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2023 Mid-Atlantic Region Oireachtas

November 24-26, 2023

1201 Market St

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Oireachtas Chair Contact Info

Annmarie Murray Sheehan, ADCRG

Maureen Hegarty, TCRG

Sheila Sweeney, TCRG

Margy Grant, TCRG

Instagram @midatlanticoireachtas2023

Oireachtas Volunteers

To the Families attending the 2023 Oireachtas,


We are working toward another incredible Oireachtas and we need your help!


As you know, events of this magnitude require- the help of large number of people to help it run smoothly. We are asking that you step up and help with the event. It is such an important weekend for all of our dancers, and we can't do it without your help.


Please look through the links below and choose a volunteer spot that will work well for you and your schedule. Please note we are asking that you fill out all required information (i.e., cell number, dance school, e-mail) so that we are better able to assist the Committee Chairpersons who are overseeing the area you choose.


Thank you so much for your generous offer of your time. We truly appreciate your help!

Dress Shop link -      Raffle Sales link -


Lost and Found -  Journal Distribution -


Thank you to our Sponsors

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